Back to School Shopping

Back to School Shopping Deals for Mom and Dad

My kids are going back to school in about 2 weeks and we haven’t even started our back to school shopping.  We are too busy having fun to even think about school, but Old Navy is having a 35% off sale today ONLY so I figured I might as well get on the ball.  They […]

Disneyland Disability Pass

Tips for Using Disneyland Disability Pass

We have had passes for Disneyland for the past 6 years and I JUST discovered that they have accommodations for kids who have special needs like Gavin.  I can’t believe I was intimidated to ask for so long about Disneyland Disability Pass.  It very literally changed our lives.  We used to be so limited in […]

Modest Dresses

Modest Dresses Under $100

I’m going to a special event at a really nice resort in Newport Beach next month and while I don’t really feel the need to splurge on designer duds to keep up with the “Joneses” I do feel it’s important to dress for the occasion.  As I surveyed my closet I really felt like I […]

Buffalo Chicken

Shredded Buffalo Chicken Crockpot Recipe

What’s not to love about crockpot recipes?!  They take about 5 minutes to throw together, you can leave the house for hours while it cooks and they are delicious!!!  This Shredded Buffalo Chicken recipe is one of our family favorites.  It combines Buffalo Wing Sauce with Ranch mix to cut the spice just enough so […]

Sunday Style

Sunday Style Instagram Roundup

There is something special about Sundays, it really is my favorite day of the week.  I love that it’s a day where the only commitment is going to church.  There is no work, no parties, no errands to run…just a day to be together as a family and recharge for the week.  My other favorite […]

Banana Bread Bars

Brown Butter Frosted Banana Bread Bars

Anyone else find themselves wondering what to do with over ripe bananas?  I find myself asking that almost every week and the answer is either freeze them for smoothies or made banana bread.  Since we are all stocked in the freezer I decided to figure out a way to make banana bread even better.  I […]

Believe and Become

Believe and Become

One of our favorite inspirational quotes about life is “Believe and Become”.  The idea that one must first have the belief that they are capable of becoming the person they aspire to be hits home.  As a Mom and as woman there is such a temptation to give way to self doubt and comparison when […]

Only Came for the Food

I Only Came For The Food

It really is no secret that when Jen and I get together everything revolves around what we are going to eat.  It’s pretty much our mission to hit up all the best Utah eats and sweets are usually top of the list.  When we partnered with Amy Twitty to design some shirts for this past […]

Oatmeal cookies

Brown Butter Iced Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

One of my favorite things to do on Sundays is to bake cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, our family loves them all, but my husband’s favorite is Oatmeal cookies.  These turned out so moist and delicious with a hint of vanilla and salt, they flew off the cooling rack faster than […]

Summer Dresses

Mother Daughter Summer Dresses

This week has been crazy hot which has me reaching for Summer Dresses every single day.  My current pick for Summer Dresses is this one from Called to Surf.  They have an amazing store in Provo, but you can still shop online.  If you are looking for a great selection of modest, comfortable clothes Called […]

How to Serve

Teaching Kids To Serve

The desire to serve is something that is in all of us.  Just think of your little toddler that is so excited to run and grab a diaper to toy for their baby brother or sister.  So proud of themselves for the accomplishment of giving service to someone they love.  When a family member or […]

Nordstrom Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Splurges

There are only 2 more days left for early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  If you missed my first two posts, I shared some of my favorite picks HERE and HERE.  Lots of things have already sold out and some sizes are really limited so shop now!  I took a couple hours to myself to […]